At Garnett Station, we’ve been building businesses in low-income areas for five years. We’ve seen first-hand the impact that capital and growth can have on these communities – creating jobs and increasing wages.

We believe that the Opportunity Zone legislation is genius.

By providing tax incentives to invest in low income communities, the legislation will lead to increased capital investment, more jobs and higher wages in parts of the country that are typically overlooked.

We have the experience, relationships and infrastructure to lead the way.


What should you know about Opportunity Zones?

  • What are Opportunity Zones? Opportunity Zones are designated census tracts selected by the state and federal governments for economic development. Opportunity Zones can be found in every state and in urban, suburban and rural areas.

  • Where are Opportunity Zones? Opportunity Zones are all over the US, you can see at a high-level the map on the bottom left of this page. 

  • What are Opportunity Funds? An Opportunity Fund is a new tax-advantaged investment vehicle created by the Investing in Opportunity Act - part of the tax reform passed in late 2017. The goal is to help spur greater private-sector investment in targeted communities across the country


What are we looking for?

  • Do you have a real estate or business development in an Opportunity Zone that requires equity funding?

  • We are patient, long-term capital with a targeted hold period of 10-years to maximize the tax benefit from the Opportunity Zone program

  • Targeting project sizes from $5-50m in projects with an expected compounded return greater than 10%

  • The GSP Opportunity Fund was founded to invest in projects throughout the Southeast and Midwest: we are looking to invest in projects from rural to urban and everything in between, in the states shaded in red below

  • We are looking to develop real estate for commercial, hospitality, and industrial uses

  • We are looking to invest in all qualifying operating businesses, as well as infrastructure and renewable energy projects