Uh Oh, Better Get Maaco!

Cambridge Auto Group: The Largest Maaco Franchisee in the U.S.

In 2013, Matt and Caroline Peach acquired 16 Maaco locations in Los Angeles. Prior to their acquisition, Matt and Caroline had operated one of the most profitable Maaco centers in Orlando, Florida. In two years, the couple grew the California business exponentially. Yet despite their success, they missed family and friends back in Florida.

In 2015, Matt and Caroline expressed interest in selling their California locations and using the sale proceeds to open more Maaco locations in Florida. That’s when we jumped in.

Partnering with Bryan Burlison, a former Maaco Executive with over 14 years of experience in the retail automotive aftermarket, we developed the Lighthouse Initiative to execute on best-in-class operations and customer service across our portfolio. We also implemented a strong incentive compensation plan to foster a culture of partnership and shared ownership.



Built Best-in-Class Team to Execute Growth Plan:

Bryan Burlison, COO of Cambridge Auto Group
Former Maaco Executive

Successfully Implemented Results-Driven Growth Plan:

• Extreme focus on operations
• Significant same center sales growth
• Improved profitability
• Remodeled centers
• Instituted culture of shared ownership and partnership among employees

OWNER TestimonialS


“Caroline and I really enjoyed working with Matt and Alex and are proud that they are continuing our legacy in Los Angeles. They were great to work with, which made the stressful process of selling our business so much easier.”
– Matt Peach

“I wanted to retire and sell my Maaco center to someone who would take care of my employees and customer relationships. Garnett Station Partners has followed through on all of its promises.”
– Jim Devitt

“The Cambridge Auto team was great to work with. They delivered on everything they promised and our family felt extremely good about the transaction”
– Dick Williams

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