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Shaved ice is what we do. Giving back is who we are.

Over 1,600 Franchised units in the US and growing!


Tony Lamb had a creepy experience with an ice cream truck… so he launched Kona Ice to offer a one-of-a-kind, gourmet, family-friendly shaved ice experience. That was 2007. Tony has now built the largest mobile food truck business in the United States with nearly 2,000 Kona Ice trucks owned and operated by nearly 600 franchisees! Kona Ice franchisees have donated more than $60 million of “givebacks” to communities all across the United States – a number that grows every day! And Kona’s franchisees love the Kona Ice brand and experience so much that they consistently rank Kona Ice the most highly satisfied franchise system in the U.S.!

We met Tony back in 2018 and begged him to allow us to invest in his brand. Together with his dad Tom, wife Susie, and his four amazing kids, Tony has built a special culture that we are so proud to be a part of.