The Fuss Stops Here.

Fridababy is the market leader in innovative, “must have” baby products including the category leading Nosefrida – the SnotSucker. 

Accomplished entrepreneurs Kaisa and Doug Levine founded the Company when they discovered the Nosefrida nasal-oral aspirator on a trip to Sweden. They began selling the Nosefrida to pediatricians in the United States in 2007. 

The Nosefrida has become the pediatrician-recommended, natural, hygienic baby booger buster. It’s the more effective, hygienic and gentle way to remove snot! 

Chelsea Hirschhorn took over as CEO and transformed Fridababy into a fast-growing, innovative baby products company, which sells “must have” baby products that millennial moms love, including the NailFrida, the FeverFrida, the MomFridet, the Windi and the Saline Kit.

After years of building Fridababy, Chelsea had the opportunity to acquire the company from the original founders in 2016.  She chose to partner with Garnett Station based on our firm’s experience growing consumer businesses and building and attracting best in class management teams. Together, Chelsea, Garnett Station and Amberstone have invested significantly in Fridababy to position the company for its next phase of growth. 

OWNER TestimonialS


“The team from Garnett got the transaction done on our time line and as smoothly as possible. We wish them and Chelsea the best of luck for the next chapter of Fridababy” – Kaisa & Doug Levine