Let’s just say we’ve downed a lot of Whoppers®

Our business, Cambridge Franchise Holdings, has merged with Carrols Restaurant Group (Nasdaq: TAST) to become the largest fast food franchisee in the United States with over 1,000 restaurants.

Matt, Ray, & Alex

Carolina Quality, LLC owner Ray Meeks operated 22 successful Burger Kings in North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi. To further grow his business, Ray needed additional capital to remodel his existing restaurants and build new ones.

Enter Garnett Station. In 2014, we partnered with Ray to grow his business. First, we implemented what we believe to be the most favorable incentive compensation program in the industry. Next, we worked together to identify opportunities to grow the company. We partnered with some of the industry’s best talent to help execute the plan. We merged with Carrols Restaurant Group in early 2019 and are now the largest shareholders of the US’ largest QSR franchisee with over 1,000 restaurants (Matt and Alex serve on the board of Carrols). We are continuing to implement the growth playbook we developed at Cambridge to drive growth at Carrols.


  • 2014: Perelman and Sloane partner with Meeks to grow his business

  • 2015: Acquire 20 BK restaurants, Build 1 Burger King

  • 2016: Acquire 60 Burger Kings and build 12 Burger Kings

  • 2017: Sign Area Development agreement with Popeyes, Acquire 2 Burger Kings and build 12 Burger Kings

  • 2018: Acquire 28 Burger Kings, Acquire 44 Popeyes, Build 20 new restaurants

  • 2019: Merge with Carrols

  • The Future: continue to build and grow the world’s largest QSR franchise